Are your products sold in offline retail stores? Are they available to buyers outside the U.S.?

We’re sorry to say that our products are currently only available online. However, our products are sold all over the world! You can order through our website or Amazon. 

Where are your toys made?

Our products are designed and made in China. We always use pet-safe, sustainable and durable materials in our production.

How should I choose toys for my dog?

We have toys for all kinds of dogs here. Check out the 'Shop By Pet' category, where you can choose the right dog toys according to your dog's size. If your furry friend is a toy destroyer, it would be better to choose the items designed for aggressive chewer. However,nothing is truly indestructible. To keep your furry friend safe, supervised play will help the toys last longer,and always make sure to remove the toy if pieces begin to break off.

Are these toys machine washable?

Sure. You can put all our toys straight into the washing machine. However, avoid soaking with boiling water, which may damage the plush and Squeakers.

What is your return policy?

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. Our items are guaranteed for 6 months after your purchase, and we also offer 30 days of free return shipping. For replacement and refund, your receipt and a photo of the product should be provided. Submit your request to .