What Is the Science Behind Dog Toys?

What Makes Dogs Love Them So Much?

Ever wonder why your pup goes bonkers for that squeaky toy, or why they can't get enough of their favorite plush? Let's dig deep into some awesome science and psychology with dog toys—why our furry friends just can't get enough.

Instinctual Drives

Dogs are good hunters and foragers. Toys that sound like prey, such as squeaky dog toys, address these natural drives by making them quite interesting to the small animal's ears. In fact, this is what makes it one of the most pleasurable pastimes for dogs. Small dog toys can also achieve the catching and chewing on something feeling by using the right size and texture.

Deep Brain Stimulation

Toys allow dogs to be mentally stimulated, most importantly interactive or puzzle toys that make them use their brains and lower the occurrence of boredom. This is important for dogs in high-energy breeds or puppies, who need toys to keep them occupied. Mental stimulation prevents them from becoming destructive while keeping their dogs happy and healthy.

Physical Exercise

An example of such toys is the Interactive Dog Toys collection, which can really encourage movement and burning energy. Dogs love interacting with moving toys, such as balls and tug toys, because they create a need to exercise. Playtime with these toys normally allows the dog to stay in good physical shape, besides keeping him safe from becoming obese.

Comfort and Safety

Most dogs, particularly those soft, plush, or cute by nature, will find comfort with their toys. Cute dog toys can also work as a security item much like a child's favorite stuffed animal. Generally, dogs carry them around and usually sleep with them and sometimes groom them, obviously finding solace in the company of their inanimate friend.

Bonding with Owners

There's more than just fun and games going on when dogs play. Play can be a source of exercise and human interaction that also helps to improve the relationship between you and your dog. Toys like tug ropes or fetch toys give opportunities for interactive play and further deepen the bond between you and your furry friend.

Dental Hygiene

Chewing is a normal, necessary behavior for dogs. Absolutely indestructible squeaky dog toys and hard-wearing plush dog toys offer them a safe outlet. It helps clean teeth, massages their gums, and keeps away plaque—for fun and health!

Variety and Exploration

Dogs love variety, and a collection of toys keeps things interesting. It may be a new addition from the vast toy box of dog toys or an old favorite; changing them will keep your dog entertained and interested. They bring new experiences and challenges with different textures, shapes, and sounds.


Understanding why dogs love their toys helps us select the best and most desirable toys for them, which augments the fun experience. At NocciolaToys, we work to design products that cater to all these instincts and needs to keep your dog happy, healthy, and entertained. Browse our collection and find the toy of your furry friend's dreams today!